Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stockings. And I don’t mean the ones you hang over the mantle. {Cincinnati, Ohio Boudoir Photographer }

Ahhh, yes. I love this time of year. This is prime boudoir time, baby. The cold weather tends to bring out the sex kitten in us. It’s probably because we’re snuggling to stay warm. Not to mention, it’s a great Christmas present. Or even a fantabulous surprise for those who plan ahead and have already figured out how to have the best Valentine’s Day ever. Whether it’s a leather album (aka the Little Black Book) or a pin-up calendar, your man will LOVE it and ADORE you for it. Unique and personalized. Perfection in sexy lingerie. Or out. : )

Since I’m working almost exclusively on boudoir sessions and parties, I thought I’d take a moment and show a few of my faves so far. The 50’s pin-up is extremely popular. I’m lovin’ the subtle seduction! And nothing’s better than a girl who knows what the “booty tooch” is. Rock on America’s Next Top Model!! LOL

Check out a sneak peek!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Playboy Preview { West Chester, OH Boudoir Photographer }

Before you go any farther, there are portraits in this post that contain nudity. If you are offended in any way, please refrain from reading and choose to go elsewhere. Thank you!

While she came here for a Playboy submission, we eased into it by taking portraits with lingerie on just to get her a bit comfortable in front of the camera. It didn’t take long before all inhibitions were out the door and art was in the process of being made. Of course, the best ones can’t be shown at this time. Quite the bummer because Miss K ROCKED it out!!

The following portraits probably meet a NC-17 rating so please keep that in mind when previewing this sneak peek.

Enjoy the many faces of Miss K. She did a fantabulous job and fingers crossed she gets into Playboy!