Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Girl C Sneak Peek { Dayton, Ohio Newborn Photographer }

Oh wow. I just can’t even say anything more but wow. This little princess was a doll! Slept almost the entire time she was here, curled up nicely, posed like a lady, and smiled a few times. Of course, I missed them because they were right when I was walking towards her to reposition her. Silly girl!

And her family? I can’t say enough nice things. Miss R was so polite and well behaved. It’s time like these that make me realize I’m the only mom of a 3 year old that’s out of control. Hehehee! Dad was very sweet, gentle spoken and obviously in love with his little girls. And Leah, I do not think you’re hicks! :) That brings us to Mom….seriously? Stunning! I’m really getting tired of all these stylin’ hot post-partum mommas. :)

Ok so on to the sneak peek. In order, here’s Miss R!


Mom and Dad. Wow, right? What did I tell you???


And last but not least, Miss C. The star of tonight’s shoot.  What a doll!


For real. Beautiful people. Thanks for the fun shoot, you guys! I’ll talk to you soon! I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)


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