Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smash cake for Mr. Callum { Arcanum, Ohio Child Photographer }

Omigosh. Seriously, I cannot believe Mr. Callum is one year old. I can still remember taking his newborn photographs. I fondly recall how sweet and squishy his cheeks were (and as you can see….they still are!) I wanna ‘nubble’ him every single time he’s here. For those who aren’t in the know of my made up vocabulary, that’s snuggle and nibble at the same time. My kids love that. :)

He’s such a happy baby and I love taking his picture. This time was no exception. The smash cake was a hit, for a little while anyway. After that, he just wanted to tackle me and my camera. Smart little cookie, isn’t he? :)

Mom brought the curtains from his nursery to use a backdrop. She even coordinated the cake. So stinkin’ cute! Here’s a sneak peek for his parents. Enjoy!


Here we go! The cake after the first taste of icing. Oh, and sprinkles! You can’t go wrong with sprinkles!!


That’s how I eat my cake, too. Foot up for balance and all. Hehee.


See! Straight for the camera lady. Little stinkpot!



rianna739 said...

Love them! Thanks for the awesome pictures!

Ethan, Rana & Callum

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