Thursday, September 1, 2011

A year has passed already { Jamestown, Ohio Child Photographer }

Little Miss Ava is about to turn a year old and I can’t believe how much she’s grown. I photographed her as a newborn and I can honestly say she had a MUCH better time at this session. Her newborn session was pretty rough and I felt so sorry for the little one. She had reflux and just wasn’t comfy at all. Poor Mommy was in that stage of weepy and oh so tired. We were still able to capture some pretty pictures, thankfully.

Here’s a picture from that session. I love comparing newborn and 1 year old pictures. It’s amazing how much change and yet they’re still the same. Look at that sweet little nose! :)


This time, however, was a different story. Little Miss Ava is now Big Miss Ava and she has TONS of energy! She kept us both on our toes for the session and it was a blast. I love sweating for a good reason! Look at these gorgeous captures of a picture perfect county girl.


So pretty!! And that snoot!! Isn’t it adorable?! Rotten, I tell ya. :) Hope you enjoyed the preview!


This little girl is about 5 weeks old and was so curious as to what we were doing. I adored her and she almost came home with me. Trust me, if I knew my husband wouldn’t have a fit, she would have. Sweetness.




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