Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sparklin’ Senior Shoot { Washington Courthouse, Ohio Senior Photographer }

A few weeks ago we had a heat wave. Heat wave as in 104 degrees Fahrenheit with 70% humidity at 7:30 p.m. Miserable. It was so terribly hot that you would sweat while you were sitting inside the house with the air conditioner on doing absolutely nothing. Does anyone else remember this or am I completely delusion?

Well, I have slept since then so my memory isn’t quite perfect. So….I can’t quite recall how horrid it was but my DP&L bill sure does remind me. Ugh! I digress….during that monstrosity of a heat wave, I had a senior shoot. We decided to do half inside the studio and half on location at a later date. That date is here. Yay! Miss Breanna is a stunning Senior and we had so much fun with her and her mom.

Here’s a sneak peek of Take 2. Can you say gorgeous?!


We played outside until it was dark and were able to grab some fantabulous off camera flash portraits. She was a perfect model. Good God, would you look at those legs? They go on forever and a day!


And lastly, her Senior Storyboard. Breanna wanted a sparkler storyboard with her graduation date. Of course, our luck came into play. Once it got dark, we found a perfect alley to shoot the scene. Wouldn’t you know it was WINDY. And I mean Wizard of Oz insane windy. Duh!! We found a spot to light the sparklers and the lighter was dead. Ha! Found a new lighter, only to have no luck lighting the sparklers! Seriously?!

Off we go to a new location with 2 assistants lighting sparklers and FINALLY we got ‘em.


Thanks Breanna and Shelly. We had a really fun time despite all the obstacles. We hope you love the pictures!!



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