Friday, August 19, 2011

Return of Lady Abigail { Vandalia, Ohio Child Photographer }

Yes, it’s the return of the mack. I first met this little beauty when she was a newborn. The poor thing just wasn’t interested in sleeping. She’d catnap, but not for more than a few snaps. She had to see what was going on and not miss a thing. We got some beautiful pictures including this one:


Isn’t she a doll? Well, it gets better. Six months later, this is who shows up at my door.


Fantabulous, right?! I know!! I love her rolls!! Fast forward 6 more months (my gosh, how does that happen?!) and Lady Abigail is about to turn 1 year old. Baby girl was so stinkin’ adorable and working the camera. Yeah, she knows who the cutie pie is. :)


Blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty! Oh my, Mom and Dad are definitely in trouble with this one. : ) Enjoy the sneak peek. Until next time, my lady.


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