Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beauty in small packages { Springboro, Ohio Newborn Photographer }

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE babies? I could snuggle with them all the time. I adore their new smell, their cute little grins (yah, yah, it’s gas, I know), their edible feet. I love it all!! I was very excited when Miss E was born. I have photographed her brother several times and it’s always been such a pleasure. He’s quite the ham and little sis bears a striking resemblance. So is she like him? I see so much of him in her pictures, but she’s definitely her own little lady. She’s got her own personality and funny faces. A lot of funny faces. : ) And a wiggle worm! It’s a good thing Mom is quick on the toes.

Big thanks to Dad for allowing P man to play with my kids without going crazy. I know they were probably very good birth control for you. Just FYI, your little princess worked her magic on me, she made me want another.

Here is Miss E’s debut! Enjoy! Ahh, baby fever is almost an awful thing to have.



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