Saturday, August 13, 2011

What’s goin’ on? { Waynesville, Ohio Newborn Photographer }

You know how photographers always want newborns who are 10 days old or younger? Ever wonder why? Newborns typically sleep 20 hours a day when they’re first born. Usually awake only to eat and to ask for a new diaper. Other than that, they are ultra flexible, still desiring to be curled up, and once they’re out….they are out like a light. After a few weeks though, they learn….”Hey, I’ve got lots of room here, let’s stretch these legs out” and they' start being more alert. That means we can’t bend ‘em, shape ‘em, wiggle ‘em around to get that sleepy baby pose. And everyone wants that sleepy baby pose. Sometimes we' get lucky and a 4 week old will act like a newborn and sleep through the entire session. Other times, not so much.

Well, Mr. W is 3 weeks old and we attempted a sleepy newborn session. Attempted is the key word. This Mr. Man was awake the ENTIRE session. He even followed me while I talked, only complaining when I touched him with my cold hands. Well, I’m here to tell you…I am SO glad this little man was awake. Things happen for a reason. And here is that reason.



Yeah, Mr. W. You are too cute. *Swoon* Enjoy the preview!



Amanda Stingley said...

I was so overjoyed this morning when I saw that our pictures had already been posted!! Then I noticed these were posted after 2am!! How do you do it??!! Mother of three, baby doctor, & up at all hours of the night edditing pictures?! You are amazing!! The pictures are beyond what I ever imagined. You don't just take pictures, you truly are an artist. I looked through many galleries online searching for a photographer who really stood out, & that's why I called you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for our special session! It means the world to me to get these pictures of my little man while he's still so little. We will be seeing you in the Fall!! I can't wait!! =)

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