Friday, July 16, 2010

Couple’s session and then a little more { Dayton, Ohio Boudoir Photographer }

For those of you who follow my blog, my work, or are just a friend of family member of mine…..then you’ll know that this chic is one of the first launching faces of Lynne Bingham Photography’s boudoir site. Carrie was gracious enough to take a chance on a new photographer and enjoyed the experience so much that she came back for more. And now that she’s in a relationship, she brought him with her. Hubba hubba.

Just a few pictures to preview what to expect with a couple’s boudoir. Don’t we all wish we were looked at this way, touched in this manner, laugh together, and adored from the side. It’s obvious in these pictures. Lucky little lady. Sensuous, seductive, sexy. Whoa!

More to come, I’m still behind in my sessions, but I wanted to get a few of these up since they have been so patient. And willing to do anything! I love those people. :)



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