Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hay! Hay what? :) { Union, OH Engagement Photographer }

Now I work with Mandi but I have never met Jason. Apparently, Mandi didn’t tell Jason that I was a bit crazy. :) He was just a tad shy and slow to warm up. I can only imagine how nervous I would be if someone told me to attack my hubby like horny teenager all the while they’re standing there taking my picture. Hehee. My poor clients. :) He warmed up to me and we were able to get a session full of great shots.

I think they quite enjoyed the little make out session….even if they didn’t wanna admit it to me. For now. :) Here’s a sneak peek! Let me know what you think. :)

Oh, and I absolutely ADORED her clothing choices. She really listened to my advice and chose outfits that suited her and him, showed their personalites, and brought something to the picture besides color. She brought a suitcase of clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc. I was impressed and just a bit giddy. Great job, Mandi!!!



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