Thursday, December 2, 2010

9 months: See how much they’ve grown! { Dayton, OH Child Photographer }

These little guys are getting bigger and a bit more aware of what’s going on. And right after naptime, not a whole is goin’ on. At least in the smile department. Hehee.  I, of course, decided it was time to break out some props. Ornaments seemed harmless and fun. As did the cookies and a rocking chair. I forgot that there is no such thing as harmless when you’re 9 months old. :) Teething is a wonderful thing. And watching your children chew on anything is a great way to document this special time in their lives. Boys, I truly hope you enjoyed the glitter balls. And I hope Mommy wasn’t too upset about the ‘no smiles’. You get what they give you. Today was serious. And the need to gnaw. :) Enjoy the preview!



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