Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Newborn Sweetness, Baby G { Dayton, Ohio Newborn Photographer }

I spent the morning with baby G and his gorgeous family yesterday. First of all, no woman should look this good 10 days postpartum. You would have NEVER guessed she had a baby. To say the least, it was disgusting and I’m not jealous at all. I had every intention of holding onto my baby weight for the last 3 years. I have been extremely successful in that endeavor. Yeah. :)

Anyway, I’ve missed doing baby sessions. Mr. G was so alert and didn’t want to miss a thing. I think babies know we’re waiting on them because any other time, they’re fast asleep and hard to wake up. Mr. G just wasn’t into that little thing we call sleep. It’s a good thing he’s super cute. :) Here’s a sneak peek of my favorites from the session.


And I had to share this picture. One of my favorite outtakes ever. Any newborn photographer can attest that with a newborn session, things can get a little messy. :) You just never know where the line of fire is. Thankfully, they don’t have aim at this time. Hehehe.



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