Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter { Union, OH Child Photographer }

My little ones are at the age that they want to choose what they wear. Sometimes, it isn’t pretty. I have to embrace the fact that they are growing up and making their own decisions. And I will have to accept that every decision they make will not be the right one or one I approve of.

Here’s an example of their independent thinking. Happy Easter!

Colton, my main man. He definitely marches to the drummer of a different beat. I love it!


Keira, my pretty girl. Loves dressing up and lets me do her hair. Momma’s lil girly-girl.


And then there’s Carly. She refuses to conform to the twin thing anymore. No more dressing alike, no more doing the same things, no more matching colors, nothing. So, it’s all her decisions when it comes to clothes. Sigh. There are no words.



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