Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just who are we talking about? { Destination Wedding Photographer }

I’ve been talking about the destination wedding of Shannon and Rick for a while now. If you don’t follow my blog or you’re new around here, you may be thinking….”Umm, who?” Well, let’s take a walk and and I’ll introduce you to the most fab couple. We’ll go back to last summer and peek at their engagement session. We had so much stinkin’ fun!!  We played at the park and then rode some fair rides. Umm, hello? Who wouldn’t have a great time doing that?? I truly can’t wait to see them in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Shannon will be a beautiful bride and Rick? A complete a blast!! He’s a big kid. JUST LIKE ME!!! :)


So, fabulous beach wedding pictures to come soon! The wedding is just 4 days away. WoOhOo!!!!! See ya soon, guys!


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