Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shoes are a girl’s best friend { Dayton, Ohio Boudoir Photographer }

Truly. What woman doesn’t love shoes?  They never make you look fat, in fact some are actually quite slimming. Heels. Sigh, they’re fabulous. They can be mix-matched with jeans or formal wear and still look great. You can be fashionable or the talk of the party. Heels just have a take notice sort of quality. Mini skirts may be a no-no after a certain age, but high heels are not. They come in all different colors, designs, and sizes. And the best part? They are not restricted to those girls who wear size 0 (Seriously? Size 0?! Go eat something already, will ya?? You are hungry!)
I digress, back to shoes. High heels are the perfect accessory and I LOVE THEM with my boudoir shoots. Nothing makes you feel or look sexier than a nice pair of heels. Aren’t these shoes fantabulous?
That’s my sneak peek of the boudoir session until after the wedding. :)


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