Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sensitive Soul { Kettering, Ohio Child Photographer }

Miss Evelyn came back to visit me for her 6 month birthday. This petite cutie was very stoic and wasn’t too sure about my silly ways. Mom says she’s a “sensitive soul'”. The first thing she did when she came to my house was cry at the very sight of me. Oh, no! Poor baby girl…:(

Oh, well, no biggie. Mom and Dad just had to jump in for a few shots. You work with what you got, right? I grew on her (a little!) and she even responded to my fart noises with a few smiles through the tears. It’s amazing how funny things can be when Daddy’s holding you! Of course, she smiled up a storm as soon as we put the camera away and it was time to go home. Ha! Next time, Miss E…You’ll have a fun time. I swear!

Enjoy this pretty little girl’s sneak peek!





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