Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JMK { Dayton, Ohio Child Photographer }

Sometimes I get caught up in photographing clients that it slips my mind why I got into photography to begin with. I wanted to document the important things of my kids’ lives. I wanted to capture all those little moments. I wanted visual proof of their budding personalities. Sometimes, day to day life gets in the way and I forget. Then I see something and I gotta just stop what I’m doing, pick up the camera, and capture my kids being….well, kids. Silly, loud, messy kids. :) These pictures may not be technically correct, but I’ll always have mommy-goggles on so they’re perfect in my eyes.

Thumbs up! I love how Colton has to look at his hand to make sure he’s doing it right. Hehehe.


And let’s not forget his shadow, Carly. She does everything he does.


And then there’s my Keira. She marches to the beat of a different drum. But I love her just the same. :)



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