Thursday, September 2, 2010

Maternity with style and grace { Jamestown, OH Maternity Photographer }

You just can’t get any prettier than this. Truly, who looks this good almost 9 months pregnant? If I didn’t love her dearly, I’d say all kinds of mean things behind her back. Oh alright, whatever, who am I kidding? I say mean things about her, anyway. LOL

Miss Lindsey is just about the cutest pregnant woman ever and it was my pleasure to share this experience with her.  Of course, they could have been much cuter if Mr. Lindsey had come. I hope she razzes him about it! :)

Lindsey, you’re gorgeous. Don’t let Dr. H give you any crap. You’re allowed to moan and groan at this stage in the game. :) I hope you like the pictures.Talk to you this weekend.



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