Friday, September 24, 2010

What to wear and a FREEBIE { Dayton, Ohio Family Photographer }

I have lots of family sessions coming up. The changing of the seasons from hot to cool air compounded with the colors of the leaves is a fabulous time for family portraits. One of the most common questions I have is “What should we wear?” My first and foremost answer, avoid all one color….especially white, black, or khaki. Yawn….boring! For the love of Pete, give your portraits some LIFE! Take a moment and reflect on your family. What are their personalities? Are they carbon copies? All white T’s and jeans? Everyone black shirt and khakis? Nope. So why try to make a family portrait that way?

Everyone is different, but you compliment each other. Your clothes should mimic this concept. Find a color palette that fits the portraits you want, compliments each other, and incorporate individual personalities. Don’t forget to accessorize. Shoes, bows, jewelry. The little details are very important. Choose articles of clothing that have texture such as ruffles, denim, corduroy and mix ‘em up. Dress it up…why be all casual? When you look great, you feel great and THAT comes across in your pictures.

Even giving these tidbits are often not enough. I still get people who have no idea where to begin. So, here are some visual ideas for fall family sessions. How perfect is this? :)


Now for the freebie. I will give a complimentary $50 print credit to the first family that books a ‘50’s inspired session in the month October and agrees to use the clothes (or similar) posted above. I fully expect the entire get-up…..clothes, jewelry, shoes, hairstyles, etc. Just email me at to schedule your session. Freebie is limited to one family. First paid session fee gets the deal. Who’s it gonna be??? :)


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