Saturday, October 8, 2011

Little boy blue x 2! { Oakwood, OH Family Photographer }

Moms of twins (or even twins themselves) are drawn to twins. Everywhere I go, I am approached and asked “Are they twins?” and then a personal story follows about how they are twins or they had twins and how old they are, or even how they knew a set of twins umpteen years ago. Sometimes, it can be annoying. Especially when they are dressed exactly the same and look exactly alike. I just wanna say “This one is mine, but I’ve never seen that child before in my life.” I’m sure it wouldn’t go over well. :)

Anyway, this family session includes a set of twin boys and they are my absolute FAVE twin boys! Blake and Heath have been coming to me for pictures since they were about a month old and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow up. I simply can’t get over how big they have gotten. They’re like little men! And stylish ones at that! I truly adore them. 

We had a great time and I worked up a sweat, as usual. I had forgotten how rambunctious 1 1/2 year olds can be. Times two! I hope Mom and Dad like the portraits. I think we got some pretty good ones. Here’s a sneak peek for everyone to enjoy.

IMG_9113eIMG_9278e IMG_9458eIMG_9015eIMG_9131eIMG_9076eswIMG_9419ebwIMG_9504e


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