Saturday, October 15, 2011

One gorgeous family { Huber Heights, OH Family Photographer }

This is one gorgeous family, head to toes. Fun-loving, easy-going, and a blast to photograph.A brunette, a blonde, and a fire-redhead. Talk about using all your genes! The one thing I noticed that is consistent in this family is the beautiful eyes. Dad and Mom as well as all three boys had the most gorgeous blue or hazel eyes. They just sparkled. And who doesn’t just swoon over the Beiber haircut? They were like little Abercrombie models. Seriously?!

We had a bit of a struggle in the beginning of our session. It was originally planned in Springfield. Well as luck would have it, a big black cloud of doom hung over Springfield and poured down rain right before our session. Beautiful all day and then blech! We kinda looked around, tried to wait it out, then decided to try a completely different location. One with no rain.

Someone had a hand in guiding this session because look at these fantabulous portraits. I love them! Thanks for going along for the ride, guys. :) Enjoy the sneak peek!




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